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Artist Statement

My work focuses on examining the learned personality or false human identity that manifests inside our technology driven social lives.  I aim to convey a physical manifestation and contextualization of the prosthetic social lifestyle westernized humanity operates within the confines of.  My goal is to comment on how consumerism and mass media lead to a less “human” society and how we can navigate rewiring ourselves to be vulnerable.  My work aims to stage a commentary on the types of dystopian characters our culture engenders.  It serves as a reminder of our distance from compulsivity and the physical embodiment of anxiety that I’m interested in, which becomes buried as we evolve into our dissociative prosthetic existence.  I’m invested in the connection of compulsivity to authenticity. How can we embody our uncomfortability, our awkwardness, and our panic, and can that release us into accessing  a “realness” in this compulsion?  I am also looking at humans as robots.  Our assimilated lives create patterns in personas which globalization has created what I see as a “mass cultural personality”.  These robotic tendencies frame our personal identities and execute the truth of how we language ourselves in this hostile world.  

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