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This is Not a Toy

Derived from defensive sharp objects . Feminine and deadly adapted to inflict injury when approached. Objects include bike spokes, metal layers of blades, plastic shards all with blood dripping off the ends.  The sound repeats the words "this is not a toy", "this form may cause significant harm", and "do not touch". This performance is an imagined plastic human with a heart they're desperately trying to protect, removing the organ from the body and placing it delicately in a protective display case.

Created and performed by Katarina Poljak

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Mountain of 1

Created and performed by Katarina Poljak

Feature on PhillyCaM 

BODY: Unknown

Curated and Performed by: Katarina Poljak.


Anonymous and communal

Whirling through the dream of life like swarms of krill without end

Swimming in a nameless Antarctic sea into boundless ocean

All our patterns, trips, and excuses sinking into dark 


Nothing left except our remarkably interesting faces

Vulnerable and open

Lucky shadows on the new and improved internet


Endless as the universe but without any hardware at all

A new generation of human is emerging 

A kind of hybrid, 

a cyborg

Part flesh, part electronic device

And in this painful period of transition

Until the kinks get ironed out

Your partner lies beside you in bed

His or her or their heart aching

His or her or their eyes closing 

Turned away in frustration

More and more of us becoming

Anonymous and communal

People identifying themselves by mutating a collection of usernames

Photoshopping their selfies

The leaden suitcases filled with dreary outdated shit we've been dragging around

Every last one of us auctioning ourselves off to the highest bidder

Guarding our self images, our success and failure

I turn away from this dumb-show

And ask myself, now what

Now that I’ve figured out

This life is a dream

The world as we know it a flash in the pan

Fool’s gold

Now that I understand

Now what.



Performers: Katarina Poljak, Grace Malone

Directed by Katarina Poljak Choreographed by Katarina Poljak in collaboration with Grace Malone


Glass Body Live Performance

Performers: Micah Love, Bailie Johnston, Andrew Smith, Jinsei Sato, Ada Fujita, Sav, Caroline Bradbury, Nicole Bradbury, Jamaal Bowman

Music By Noah Fawks and Sam Bekt


Created and performed by: Katarina Poljak

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