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Katarina Poljak has been working as a production sound person, producer, and editor for numerous independent projects on and around the East Coast. Her unique interdisciplinary background has allowed her to learn quickly, adapt, and excel in multiple roles in the industry.

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Untitled Pennhurst Documentary Still.png
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Untitled Pennhurst Feature Documentary

 Currently Katarina is working as an associate producer, sound mixer, and editor with Mike Attie, a renowned documentary filmmaker and Nathan Stenburg, a scholar, activist and PhD candidate on an untitled documentary. They have recently received the Catapult Film Fund Grant for the Project.

The City of Philadelphia New Parks Initiative

Production Sound mixer for STBY Studio

BTS Parks Initiative_edited_edited.jpg
Serious Productions BTS.jpg

Untitled Feature Documentary

Production sound mixer, & HMU for Serious Productions.

mt VernoN Documentary

Executive Producer and Production sound mixer for an in-progress Documentary from accredited filmmaker Katie Supplee. 

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