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White Sands

A surrealist sci-fi dance drama

Simulated bodies built for exploitation, brains engineered for gore.

A cyborg reflects on the tragedy of human history and the role over-indulgent opulence and social hierarchy has played in human disposability. As humans evolve to become robots, can we stay true to the source architecture of our body and spirit? 

Rocks in Desert
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Topic Summary

SOURCE ARCHITECTURE will address the complex status of human existence and our transition into a more robotic future . At its core, this project seeks to elude the looming dystopian future, how both socially and physically we are evolving to exist as perfect machines, robots devoid of our original flesh, heart, and soul. 

The scenes depicted in the film reflect a loss of human love and vulnerability. Authenticity evaporates with the erosion of our core physiological structure.  A cyborg humanity grown from a media driven post human world. 

Through voyeurism the film will suggest a layer of removal from the characters that do convey innocence and compassion through contemporary dance. I’m interested in what becomes buried as we evolve into our dissociative prosthetic existence. TThe film sends a message of environmental consciousness and tells a cautionary tale of what could happen if we continue the destruction of our planet and the exploitation of its natural resources.

This film is a culmination of Poljak’s research on humanity’s new media driven social wiring, and a unique critique on our species' harmful practices of stepping on one another to climb a capitalistic hierarchy. Her use of theatrical happenings, intricate costume, and ritualistic contemporary dance create a unique fashion film with a statement understood by all, one that is relevant to our world's current sociological structure, and stands as a reflection on our technological evolution as a species.

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Artistic Approach

Using both found footage, and original high definition footage steeped in contemporary designs, director Katarina Poljak weaves together a unique vision and ingenious way of mixing past with future.  Throughout the film, the use of screens, such as TVs, hologram images, and projection, separate the timeline of past and present, add a sense of retro futurism to the stylings, and portray the time period of the piece.  The cyborg exists as an outsider looking back on history and symbolic theatrical events.  The film’s poetic symbols and happenings are enhanced by costume and movement qualities.  Visceral movement will drive the dance film’s message of loss of connection, and show the sacred ritual of physical touch and the historical existence of organic bodies.  Materials and designs used for costumes and sets give context to the ritualistic nature of society and its oligarchical patterns.  The cyborg entity in its fullness will embody the symbol of hope and depict a possible evolution towards balance in technology and heart.  Katarina’s unique background in Dance, film, and illustration are essential to creating this one of a kind vision. 

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We are currently looking for sponsors, and donations of all kinds to help further this project and bring our surrealist visions to life.

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Rocks in Desert
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